Cepsa bitumen bags


    Increasingly popular solution demanded as a substitute to our bitu-containers and drums as no waste is generated and we are able to pack a greater amount of bitumen into a 20’ container.

    All that is needed, similarly to the drums, is a bag melter (Cepsa does not market the incinerator but we can put you in contact with the major manufacturers in the sector).

    Cepsa has developed a unique system that protects the Big-bag (composed of two layers, the outer of raffia and the inner of polyethylene) from damage during shipping and subsequent handling at its destination.

    While it is true that this system (composed of a tightly strapped wooden box) is slightly more expensive than the traditional bag systems used by our competitors, our experience has shown that our system prevents greater losses due to product spillage within the container or the clean-up of bags punctured during transport, which are extremely expensive.

    Currently, we can load 20 of the bags shown in the picture below into a 20’ container, the average weight of each bag being some 1075 kg means that we can load more than 21 metric tons into a container.