Cepsa (Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.) is an integrated energy group, present at every stage of the oil value chain, with over 11,000 employees. Its main activities include: the exploration and production of oil; refining, distribution and marketing of oil derivatives; petrochemicals; gas and electricity.

    Cepsa is Spain’s fourth largest industrial group in terms of turnover and it has been in the market for more than 80 years. Thanks to its flexibility and ability to adapt Cepsa has become a benchmark company in its sector in Spain. Through the continuing international expansion of its activities it has business interests in Algeria, Morocco, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Panama, Peru, The Netherlands, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal, selling its products all over the world. 

    Cepsa’s Asphalt business group (company 100% owned by CEPSA S.A.) was formed from the merging of Productos Asfálticos S.A. (PROAS) and Cepsa Comercial Petróleo in 2014.

    Cepsa’s current Asphalts Division has 5 modern, strategically located factories on the Iberian Peninsula, allowing it to supply the peninsular market and providing an excellent platform for exports and for its 7 sales offices that provide commercial coverage to our customers. 

    Our head office is in Madrid and our main activity is the marketing of bitumens. We also manufacture and market bituminous emulsions, modified bitumen and materials for industrial applications. The paving and waterproofing of surfaces sections have developed in parallel. 

    Similarly, Cepsa’s Asphalts unit has a significant and growing export activity, mainly aimed at the European market, it is the main supplier of bitumen in many of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, the main countries in North and West Africa and we are now expanding our business to North America.

    Strategic Objectives

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    The strategic objectives that drive Cepsa Asphalt’s activities can be summarised in three main concepts:

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    To be recognised as a leader for its technological capabilities in the world of bitumens.


    To have a developed and updated catalogue of products derived from bitumen.


    To develop a culture of closeness and cooperation with our customers aimed at crafting specific solutions in anticipation of their needs.



    Once the bitumen has been produced in our refineries it is distributed by boat or in tank trailers to the Asphalt Unit’s factories for processing and subsequent delivery to the end customers.
    Asphalt tankers perform this primary distribution of the bitumen from the refineries to coastal terminals and our export customers. Cepsa Asphalts currently has three tankers for the supply of bitumen to our customers.


    Once the bitumen is in the factories it is stored or processed before being supplied to the end customer within the factory’s distribution area. The bitumen is transported in specially prepared, thermally insulated tank trailers through an extensive transport network that strictly adheres to the ADR safety regulations.
    Similarly, those products that are sold packaged are properly distributed, optimising logistics and customer service.