CE Marking

    CEPSA's Asphalt area has been awarded the CE mark for Bitumen and Cationic Emulsions in all its Supply Centres, in accordance with the following standards:
    EN 12591:2009. Paving bitumens (Article 211 Technical Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, hereinafter “PG3”)
    EN 13924:2006. Hard bitumens (article 211 PG3)
    EN 13808:2013. Cationic bituminous emulsions (article 213 and 216 PG3)
    EN 14023:2010. Polymer Modified Bitumens
    In the following BITUMENS and EMULSIONS categories, the “Declarations of Product Performance” and the “Certificates of Conformity of Production Control in Factory/by Supply Centre” are available.